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Case Study

Hargrave Yachts
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Boat Show visitor follow up piece.


Using Hargrave's database and professional exterior and interior photographs of each yacht displayed at the show, Xstream121 designed a newsletter to mail to each individual that visited the Hargrave Yacht display.
Every copy of the newsletter was unique and specific in detailing the individual's interest at the boat show. It featured an article "about" the visitor and their interests with a headline containing the visitors name, and a letter from the president of Hargrave to the visitor.
Also, the newsletter's banner-head was designed to accept a variable photo of the yacht of interest as well as a variable image of an interior feature of the same yacht.
Each individual newsletter featured:
  • An article "about" the visitor.
  • A letter to the visitor from the president.
  • A variable banner-head image of yacht of interest.
  • A variable photograph of interior feature of interest.

Using the database to drive 121

Hargrave was diligent and successful in obtaining information on each visitor beyond their name and address. Answers to specific questions were added to each database record and used to drive variable images and text to make each and every piece unique.
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